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Global DTP

  • established in 2003
  • has become one of the leading DTP companies in localisation industry
  • 20 in-house specialists working for at least 8 of TOP 20 LSPs

Multilingual DTP in 100+ Languages

  • Premium services
  • High quality standards
  • Based in Europe
  • 1,000+ completed projects a year

Video and e-learning localisation

Media engineering on product demos, e-learning courses presentations and animations


“I would highly recommend Global DTP for multilingual page production and formatting. We typically have projects with very demanding schedules and in large language groups, sometimes up to 42 languages. The team at Global is always on time and always within the budget. We are very pleased with all of the project managers and designers we have worked with at Global.”

— Founder of US Localization Company

Multilingual DTP in 100+ languages

Multilingual Desktop Publishing on localized documents in 100+ to match the source and to maintain target language typography and standards.

Video and e-learning localisation

Our team of professionals can handle simple as well as complex video and e-learning localization, editing, subtitling, testing, scripting and A/V sync to best match the localized product to the source.

Request a free quote

To show you our compatibility we are open to offer you a free quote or test project that we will do completely free of charge for you to see our communication, workflow, assistance and skills in the area of multilingual desktop publishing and multimedia engineering.

Selected clients


“Global DTP has been one of our most reliable Desktop Publishing partners for many years. Their technical skills and localization background are of great value to our business. I especially appreciate their flexible and proactive approach towards unexpected volumes and requests.”

— WW Global Marketing Operations Manager at $500 US Localization Company